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13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip

We’re pros at minimalist travel. From finding ways to lighten our packs to figuring out what gear we can live without for a few days, we’re always searching for ways to make the most out of what we’re packing.

While your vacation packing list may change from place to place and season to season, you’ll always find room for some travel essentials. From a way to carry your cash and cards to how you’ll stay hydrated and energized on the road, there are some things we can’t live without, even for a few days. Your phone isn’t any good without a charge, after all.

In this post, we’re taking a look at the gear we never leave home without, whether we’re heading across town or around the world. Let’s get down to the bare travel necessities.


Minimalist Wallet

An unsightly bulge in your front pocket can lead to questions from friends and odd looks from strangers. Avoid the embarrassment—and the backache that comes from sitting for hours on a pile of credit cards and cash—with a minimalist wallet.

It gives you just enough space for your travel essentials, so you can spend less time searching through the cards you don’t often use or won’t need on the road. The frequent sipper card to your local cafe won’t do you much good at the Starbucks in Seattle, after all. It’s more packable, too, so it will fit in a small sling or the front pocket of your pants—without any wardrobe malfunction—for added security against pickpockets.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Minimalist Wallet

We like the Bellroy Flip Case Wallet because its hard shell keeps our cards from getting bent, and its leather design looks sleek and professional, so it’ll fit in whether you’re at a fancy dinner or a street market—unlike the duct tape wallet you made in middle school. However, the lack of flexibility limits you to only eight cards or six plus a few bills. Look on the bright side—Bellroy is guiding you on the path to minimalist travel with this one.

Or, for more versatility, try the Fjallraven Kanken Card Wallet. We like that its flexible shape expands to fit more cards and cash when needed without taking up much more space. And since Fjallraven uses the same heavy-duty materials for the Kanken Card Wallet as Kanken bags, it’ll make your travel essentials list for years to come.

Battery Banks and Wall Chargers

A power bank can turn that emoji frown upside down, ensuring you stay connected while on the road. And while it’s nice to have continuous juice to your phone for social media and games, a battery bank becomes a true travel essential when using it for your digital boarding pass. We like banks that fit in our pocket, like the Clutch Charger V2, one of the thinnest power banks we’ve tested. It has a built-in charging cable, so you don’t have to pack anything extra, though you will have to choose whether you want Lightning, Android, or wireless charging when you buy it.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Battery Banks and Wall Chargers

It’s also important to know the size of your device’s battery before buying a power bank, so you can get a charger that will get your device back up to 100%—maybe even more than once.

While you may have USB plugs at home, or a wireless charger, make room in your backpack for a wall charger. There’s no guarantee your Airbnb will have a place to plug in your cord, so they’re travel necessities. We like to choose a wall charger with multiple ports to charge several devices simultaneously, minimizing the wall chargers we have to pack in our carry-on bag.

Merino Wool Clothing

The path to minimalist travel nirvana goes through a sea of versatile gear. Packing options that work for more than one reason will reduce the weight of your bag. We like Merino wool travel clothing because you can bring fewer items, saving space in your pack. You won’t need a T-shirt for each day of your trip if your clothes are made with Merino since it’s naturally antimicrobial and moisture-wicking to give you more wears between washes.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Merino Wool Clothing

We suggest washing Merino wool T-shirts after 10 to 20 wears, and underwear can last between 5 and 10 uses before washing (if that doesn’t gross you out). You can wash Merino wool more frequently; just know that the product’s lifecycle may shorten the more times it’s submerged in soap.

Otherwise, it’s durable, which is great for the digital nomad who needs fashion that lasts through months of non-stop travel—you’re not packing your entire walk-in closet to country-hop through Europe, after all.

You can find just about anything made with Merino wool, from button-downs and dresses to socks, underwear, and workout clothes. Depending on your comfort level, you can wear the same pair of socks or underwear for days between washings, and Merino wool T-shirts act as great base layers, so they’re travel necessities in any season. We add Merino wool pants to our travel essentials list because they’re durable enough for any adventure—unlike thin cotton spandex leggings.

Crossbody Sling

Finding the right size bag for any situation is the key to a great trip, and when you’re exploring a new city or checking out the local farmer’s market, a sling can make it easier to carry your travel essentials. Wearing one crossbody style keeps your hands free and your gear within reach.

They’re not just great for shopping for snacks and souvenirs; they can also be great airport companions. When you have to empty your pockets to go through security, you can place your belongings in the sling to keep everything contained in one bin—it’s no fun to be the person called back to the line because you walked off without your passport. On the plane, personal items like your phone, e-reader, and Nintendo Switch will be within easy reach during a long flight.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Crossbody Sling

There’s a crossbody sling style out there for everyone. We love the Bellroy Venture Sling 6L because of its exceptional organization in a smaller footprint, although it’s also available in a 9L version when you need more space for travel necessities. If you’re worried about security, the Pacsafe Stylesafe Anti-Theft Sling Pack is your travel necessity, thanks to its slashguard mesh and lockable zippers. And when you’re not sure if you’ll need a sling or not, grab the Matador On-Grid Packable Hip Pack. It folds down small enough to fit in your palm, making it a travel essential for minimalist packers.

Packable Jacket

When traveling, the weather is the one thing we want to predict. It’s too bad Mother Nature doesn’t get more on board with that plan. Since the one consistent thing about the weather is that it’s constantly changing, a packable jacket is a travel necessity. It’s a great way to ensure you’re ready to tackle anything the skies dump on you, depending on the thickness of the extra layer.

Whether heading to the tropics or the arctic, there’s a packable jacket to suit your travel necessities. Lightweight jackets like the Outdoor Research Helium Jacket are great travel essentials for staying dry in the rain, and they’re easier to slip on over thicker clothing. It’s one of the lightest rain jackets we’ve tested, at 5.93 ounces, and packs down to the size of your fist, so there’s no reason to leave this one home.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Packable Jacket

For days when you’ll need to stay warmer, a puffer jacket can protect you from the elements. The Patagonia Nano Puff is a packable jacket that always makes our travel essentials list. It’s lightweight at 11.89 ounces and packs into its pocket, so you don’t have to keep track of an extra stuff sack. For wetter days, The North Face ThermoBall Eco Jacket is a great midweight layer with a synthetic fill that repels moisture—you’ll stay warm and dry while wearing it.

Water Bottle

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of traveling to a new place and forget to drink water en route or during your adventures. That makes a water bottle a true travel essential; it will ensure you never go thirsty, wherever you roam.

Dehydration can exacerbate the effects of jet lag, leaving you feeling dull and tired before you set out for your first day’s excursion. It’s expensive paying for single-use bottles at the airport, train, and bus station, or at the tiny hole-in-the-wall you’ve just discovered for takeout. That’s what makes water bottles travel necessities we recommend you pack. While there’s no guarantee of finding a public drinking fountain, more and more major cities and airports are installing fill stations so you can top off your bottle as you pass by—especially in tourist hot spots.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Water Bottle

There are plenty of options when it comes to travel water bottles. Some, like the Platypus DuoLock SoftBottle, are collapsible to easily stow in your pack when you’re through drinking. We also like its built-in carabiner to clip the full bottle to the outside of your backpack. When you want something with insulation, go for the Purist Collective Mover 18 oz Bottle, which keeps your drink looking good and tasting cool (or warm, depending on what you’re pouring inside!). The thin layer of glass coating on the stainless steel bottle prevents your water, coffee, or tea from tasting metallic.

There’s a water bottle to suit every travel need and taste, so plan for hydration to stay happy and healthy on the road and abroad.


Sometimes your travel pack is a super-organized laptop bag or travel daypack. Sometimes, however, we pack for the weekend in a classic duffle bag with little to no organization. When there aren’t pockets, zipper compartments, and sleeves to spare, it’s easy to lose small gear inside your pack. That’s why pouches are travel necessities for staying organized on the go.

There are plenty to choose from—we should know! (Go ahead and sort our reviews by “organizers and pouches.” We’ll wait for you to go through the pages of available options.) Finding the right one for you is key to a successful remote work trip and a fun vacation. When your pack has a dark interior, choose a pouch with a bright colorway to help it stand out from the shadows. If you’re planning adventurous travels off the beaten path, a durable exterior ensures everything inside will stay safe and sound. Some even come with loops and D-rings to attach to a Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) or attachment loops inside your bag.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Pouch

We like the Osprey Arcane Zip Pouch for its simple design and solid construction. The recycled nylon ripstop shell prevents tears, and the top zipper is from YKK, one of the most reliable brands out there. Or go for the line-up of Topo Designs Accessory Bags; with a wide range of colors and three sizes, you can mix and match to suit your needs and complement your pack. No matter which you choose, the bright liner makes it easy to spot even the smallest gear on a dimly lit plane.


Whether hiking a dusty trail through a national park or exploring a new city, the places we like best to explore aren’t always the cleanest. That’s why carabiners are a great travel essential—they hold onto gear you don’t want to set on the ground, no matter if it’s your water bottle or your backpack.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Carabiner

These handy clips top our list of travel necessities due to their versatility. Keep your backpack or tote off the restroom floor while you change after a red-eye flight or before a business meeting. Some carabiners, like the Heroclip Hybrid Carabiner Clip, have a built-in hanging hook to turn any table or ledge into your personal bag check. There’s no more need to sling your crossbody bag over the back of your chair where you’ll worry about it walking off with help from someone with nefarious intentions—hang it on the table next to you to keep it close at hand.

Carabiners are also great for hooking pouches, water bottles, and hats outside your pack. For added protection, pick up a locking carabiner. Designed for rock climbing, they’ll also ensure your favorite water bottle won’t pop off your pack.

Carabiners are so small that they won’t add a ton of weight, but when you add them to your travel essentials list, you can travel like a scout and always be prepared.


A travel essential you may not know you need is a multitool. We don’t think about it until a screw comes loose on the kitchen chair in an Airbnb, or we want to crack open a local brew.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Multitool

Here at Pack Hacker, we’ve found them to be surprising travel necessities. Depending on which you choose, it may have a screwdriver to tighten loose hardware on a table leg. You can also use the flathead edge to clean the goop off your airplane’s armrest or your shoe—we always seem to pick up something we don’t want when traveling up and down city streets. Scissors or a wire cutter are handy for cutting loose threads or taking the tags off your new hat.

Many are small enough to fit on a key ring, so you can make new friends as you put your multitool to use. Just be sure to check the local regulations of the airport and country you’re traveling from and to—you may be asked to leave it behind if it’s not allowed. Ultimately, whether you can pass with it or not is up to your TSA officer, so be kind and courteous if they inform you that yours isn’t allowed.


Nothing brings a fun trip to a screeching halt like a hangry travel companion. Fueling your body is just as key to a good travel experience as the gear you bring along. While hopping an early flight is the best way to make the most of your vacation days, airport restaurants may not be open before you leave, and shops and cafes at your destination may still be closed when you land.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Snacks

Power up with a snack bar on the go to stay satiated before your next meal. Some come with a full meal’s worth of protein and carbs, so you can skip lunch and save the money you’d spend on one of the airline’s snack boxes, which we never think look very appetizing anyway. If you have a faster metabolism, larger bars packed with nuts and granola fuel your body and brain to avoid the post-travel slump.

We also think nut packs, dried fruit, and snack crackers are great travel essentials. They’re lighter alternatives since you never know if your airline will offer a complimentary snack—or if that tiny pack of peanuts will be enough. They’re also great to carry throughout your travel day, for when you want to hop from museum to museum without taking a break. You only live once, and while some of us live through our stomachs, others would prefer to skip lunch to do.all.the.things.

Sunglasses and a Hat

What’s a more quintessential travel necessity than the sunglasses and hat that will protect your winter-pale skin from the tropical sunshine? Protecting your eyes and face from the sun’s bright rays is vital no matter what time of year or where we’re heading.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Sunglasses and a Hat

The best travel sunglasses will be flexible and—preferably—foldable to fit in any size bag or pocket without breaking. We like the ROAV Eyewear Franklin Sunglasses for their packability—they’re some of the smallest foldable sunglasses we’ve come across. There’s no curve in the lenses, which helps them fold completely flat, although it takes some getting used to the reflection that causes. Or try Foldies Polarized Folding Classics (V2) for a stylish and effective yet budget-friendly option. At least if you leave them in your hotel room, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to replace them!

We also think a hat is a key travel essential. Choose from a foldable option that can collapse down into its brim for the ultimate in packability, or use a KLIPSTA Hat Clip to attach a beach hat to your bag. Whichever way you choose, we’re not leaving home without one.


Crying babies and fellow travelers’ loud conversations are just a few reasons noise-canceling headphones, earbuds, or AirPods make our travel essentials list.

We recommend packing two pairs, if you can, with one having a cord so you can connect to the in-flight entertainment system without needing to ask the flight attendant for disposable ones. Just make sure to pack an adaptable dongle if yours end in a Lightning connector instead of a headphone jack.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Headphones

Whether you plug in or tune in, the right music, meditation, or movie will help you tune out the cacophony of sounds in the airplane, train, or automobile. We’re partial to Apple AirPods for their great sound and the fact you’ll hardly know they’re in your ears, but they aren’t noise-canceling like some other over-the-ear options. Going with an option that will block all ambient sound will let you fall into the world of an excellent new audiobook or your favorite podcast without distraction. Pick the best option for you, and then tune out the world while you travel to your final destination.

Sleep Mask

While we know it’s sometimes hard to adjust to a new bed, sleep can be what’s lying between you and a great trip. That said, ambient light from unfamiliar street lamps, the neon LEDs of a hotel room clock, and the blue light from a travel companion’s screen can all come together to block us from getting a good night’s rest.

That’s why we think a buff or a well-fitting sleep mask is a travel essential. The best eye mask will help you fall asleep—and stay there—by blocking the ambient light wreaking havoc on your circadian rhythm. Buffs are great for minimalist travel because they can serve as a scarf, a face mask, or a beanie. These travel necessities are great for when you’re traveling to your destination, as well. Slip a Buff USA Wool Buff or a sleep mask on to get a nap on the train between Paris and Amsterdam and to help you fall asleep on your red-eye flight so you can hit the ground running in London. There’s so much to see that you don’t want to waste time in a tired haze.

13 Travel Essentials You Need to Bring on Any Trip - Sleep Mask

If you have room in your pack for a standalone sleep mask, there are plenty of options to consider. You can opt for a silky fabric to reduce the look of fine lines or go for a cooling mask to reduce the puffiness around your tired eyes. There are also ultralight packable options, although most sleep masks won’t weigh down your pack. That means there’s always room for one on our travel essentials list.

So there you have it, the travel necessities we never leave behind when we hit the road. Adding these to your travel essentials list will ease your journey to a new destination and get you to the fun quickly when you get there. What’s your favorite travel essential?



Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit

America is a great destination that offers numerous beautiful destinations and great attractions not to miss during your visit. These are the best museums in the US you need to visit.

There are also many incredible and outstanding museums in America, an ideal spot for every history and art enthusiast. The United States of America is undeniably a land blessed with wonders, sceneries, landmarks, and great destinations scattered within its 50 states.

In these states, there is an excellent selection of various museums. Foundations that house and preserve numerous gifts from the past from paintings, sculptures, cultural history, archaeology, anthropology, and more are now a treasure and great heritage in the present.


Best History & Art Museums in America

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Address: 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as “the Met,” is a lovely place to visit if you want to see a variety of pieces of art in the lovely city of New York. The museum is recognized as the largest museum not only in New York but in the United States. All of the parts inside the museum are all legacies from the past and treasures in the present day.

Its permanent regal collection of artworks contains over 2 million extravagant works, all of the museum’s collection is divided among the spacious areas of 17 curatorial departments. The artworks that the Metropolitan Museum of Art holds represent over 5,000 years of artwork from all around the world.

The wonderful museum is built in 1870 and aspired to be more than a home of rare, special, and beautiful objects around the world and cross cultures masterpieces.

The museum’s dedication to campaigning and representing various artworks and masterpieces opens a branch that devotes itself to various arts such as art from medieval Europe and modern and contemporary arts.

The Art Institute of Chicago

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - The Art Institute of Chicago

Address: 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the spectacular must-see museums in the Grant Park of Chicago, Illinois. The wonderful museum was founded in 1879, and the Art Institute of Chicago is recognized as one of the great, oldest, and largest art museums in the United States.

The museum houses a permanent collection of nearly various types of 300,000 works of art and masterpieces to discover.

It has hosted more than 30 annual special exhibits that highlight different facets of the art archive and showcase cutting-edge art organization and experimental research.

The Art Institute of Chicago collects a variety of art, takes care of, and perseveres each artwork as they present it to the public. You can get access to the museum by purchasing a Chicago CityPASS for all-inclusive access to your favorite tourist attractions in Chicago.

The museum gained a lot of recognition for all the art it houses, as well as the majestic and regal way the museum presents all of the masterpieces it has.

It has now become a popular and interesting tourist destination in Chicago.

Smithsonian Institution Offices

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - Smithsonian Institution Offices

Address: 600 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, D.C., DC 20002, United States

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Smithsonian Institution Office is a spectacular and widely known museum in Washington, D.C. It is a former office that becomes one of the world’s largest museums, educational spots, and wonderful research complex.

The museum holds about 19 museums catering to various artworks, as well as a significant zoo. The institution was established in 1846 from funds donated by James Smithson, an English gentleman. He created the institution to be the spot where the community can increase and disseminate knowledge.

Smithsonian Institution Office is a unique destination because it is a museum with a zoo and campaigns to shape the future by preserving humanity’s spectacular heritage. As well as discovering new information and educational knowledge that helps society and share various around the world.

Aside from being the heart and one of Washington’s spectacular destinations to see various arts, the institution is recognized as a part of the world’s leading research institutes that focus on arts and science subjects. Consider renting a car in Washington DC to see all the museums in a short amount of time.

The Museum of Modern Art

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - The Museum of Modern Art

Address: 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, United States

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

The Museum of Modern Art is a lovely museum that gives lovely views of arts in the lovely Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

It plays a significant role in developing and collecting modern art and is often identified as one of the largest and most influential museums that focus on and hold contemporary art.

The comprehensive collection of arts in the museum houses spectacular art extending from an array of arts in the late 19th century American and European arts.

The museum houses a variety of different paintings using cubism, surrealism, and abstract ways of portraying art. The Museum of Modern Art is home to one of the famous artist’s masterpieces, the Les Demoiselles d’Avignon of Pablo Picasso.

Besides paintings, sculpture, and graphic art, the museum was one of the first in the United States to include in its industrial arts collection, as well as architectural designs and other forms of art to admire.

The Alfred H. Barr Foundation established a large collection of predominantly classical and regal American and European art from the late nineteenth century.

During this time in New York City in 1929, Alfred H. Barr was the museum’s founding director. This spectacular collection makes the Museum of Modern Art a special and must-see destination to appreciate art in all forms.

American Museum of Natural History

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - American Museum of Natural History

Address: 200 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024, United States

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

One of the world’s superior experimental and cultural institutions is the American Museum of Natural History. A museum that accommodates an array of spectacular arts in all forms. It is located in an ideal location and accessible location in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City.

The museum was founded and officially open its doors to the public in 1869. It is a spectacular spot to discover, learn, and interpret arts.

The museum disseminates various wide-ranging curricula of scientific study, education, and display, the museum provides knowledge about human civilizations, the natural environment, and the cosmos.

Granting of Ph.D. degree and the Master of Arts in Teaching degree authorized by the American Museum of Natural History through the wonderful Richard Gilder Graduate School.

The museum has over five active research divisions for arts and a number of support centers that house scientists who preserved and studied a world-class permanent collection of art it holds.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Address: 465 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

The Museum of Fine Arts is known to be a spectacular museum, is situated in Boston, Massachusetts. The museum is a spectacular destination to see and admire various art masterpieces.

It is recognized and ranked 14 among the most extensive art exhibits in the world by the measurement of the public gallery area. The museum accommodates over 450,000 fine works of art, making it one of the most comprehensive collections in America.

Founded in 1870, the museum is located in the ancestral homelands of the Massachusetts community, a location that has long existed as a gathering and trading point for people from all around the world.

The museum has undergone significant expansion, renovation, and change in recent years. Today the Museum of Fine Arts is accounted to be a part of exhibits that houses a collection of comprehensive art.

The collection possessed has reached almost half a million artworks. With the continuous growth of the collection, it opens new rooms or gallery wings to preserve and present an array of old and new art collections. This is a must-add to any Boston itinerary.

The National WWII Museum

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - The National WWII Museum

Address: 945 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

The National WWII Museum is a fascinating military history museum formerly called the “National D-Day Museum.” It is a beautiful destination and a must-see museum when visiting the Central Business District of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The National WWII Museum is recognized as one of the popular tourist destinations in New Orleans and ranks 2nd in the U.S., and a destination that honors an unforgettable way to experience World War II.

The National WWII Museum hosts interactive exhibitions, multimedia environments, and an impressive array of artifacts as well as first oral histories, immersing visitors in the history of the war that shaped the history. Beyond the spectacular museum exhibits, the National WWII Museum offers an engaging online art collection viewing.

Virtual field trips through various meets of communication such as webinars, travel programs, and more. The museum exceptionally showcases a great way for the community to access and connect history and arts.

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - The Cleveland Museum of Art

Address: 11150 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44106, United States

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

The Cleveland Museum of Art is a simple yet full of beautiful pieces of art museum located in the charming town of Cleveland, Ohio.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is recognized and admired to be a part of the wonderful art museums in the United States. It has numerous collections of artworks and large facilities to display and showcase each masterpiece they hold.

The museum was founded in 1913 “for the benefit of all the people forever.” It aspires to educate and engage the widest viewing audience in the world’s great art while upholding the most satisfactory artistic, academic, and ethical expectations.

The Cleveland Museum of Art sponsors a number of programs that demonstrate the significance and impact of art in contemporary culture.

It aspires to educate and engage the most comprehensive viewing audience in the world’s great art while upholding the highest artistic, academic, and ethical expectations.

Detroit Institute of Arts

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - Detroit Institute of Arts

Address: 5200 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

The Detroit Institute of Arts is a tourist attraction not to miss, for it holds an array of spectacular arts in the lovely town of Detroit, Michigan. The museum was acknowledged to be a part of the finest, classical, and most notable art galleries in the states.

There are over more than 65,000 artworks displayed in the museum—all of the museum’s paintings were dated from the earliest civilizations to the present. The museum offers visitors encounters with human creativity from all over the world.

The Detroit Institute of Arts collection highlights providing a global and international study of human intelligence from prehistory to the twenty-first century and is one of the top six in the United States.

For over a century, the DIA has served as a cultural torch in the Detroit area.

Founded in 1885, the museum was initially located on Jefferson Avenue but later moved to a more spacious place on Woodward Avenue in 1927.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Address: 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a spectacular tourist attraction and museum not to miss on a beautiful trip to Los Angeles, California.

It is ideally recognized as the largest art museum in the western United States.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art or LACMA came from the information, background, and ideals of the wonderful Los Angeles Museum of History and Science and Art, instituted in 1910 in Exposition Park.

It houses a collection of over 142,000 wonderful artworks that span 4000 BC ago of creative expression around the world. Its vast groups through exhibitions, public programs, and research facilities attract over a million visitors annually.

The museum is committed to showcasing a number and backgrounds of art histories. LACMA exhibits, understand and supports the works of emerging artists and other artists based on the region’s rich and diverse culture.

LACMA’s exploratory approach is to express arts in its collaborations with exceptional artists.

It also extends to technologists and leaders among various organizations in the city, as well as international committees to campaign art. The museum works and plans to work and create an alliance to present art.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Address: 1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128, United States

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is an outstanding museum to explore and enjoy art in Manhattan, New York City. It is a beautiful museum that is frequently referred to as the “Guggenheim.” It’s a gallery with a wide range of beautiful and marvelous works of art.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum began collecting art and exhibiting the works of the great abstract painter Solomon R. Guggenheim.

In 1939, the artist created and established the art museum. It was originally known as the Museum of Non-Objective Painting, but it was later renamed after its creator.

The majority of Guggenheim’s work was from the 1920s. Many of the magnificent artworks in the museum were beautifully restored, and the arts it held were undoubtedly excellent. In Manhattan, there are some artworks and masterpieces that you can not forget.

Via dynamic curatorial and educational projects and partnerships, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum gathers, maintains, and interprets modern and experimental art and explores concepts across cultures.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - Whitney Museum of American Art

Address: 99 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 10014, United States

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Whitney Museum of American Art is regarded as one of the most magnificent museums to visit in order to explore a wide range of outstanding works of art. The “Whitney,” as it is affectionately known, is a Manhattan art museum. It was established in 1930 by American socialite Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, after whom it is named.

Over 24,000 works produced by over 3,500 artists in the United States between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries are covered and presented on Whitney’s list and exhibits.

Its exhibits vary from generational reviews and in-depth retrospectives to group shows bringing new or comparatively unknown artists to a wider audience.

By collecting a rich gallery collection and offering a comprehensive and diverse calendar of exhibition events, and got the interest of the community from its American artists and craftsmen.

The museum organizes significant exhibits from its archives and from the collections of individuals and organizations worldwide. They also focus on artists that used different art and painting styles and creative crafts dating from the 20th century.

9/11 Memorial & Museum

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Address: 180 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum is an exceptional and spectacular tourist attraction in New York City.

The museum was established as a memorial to New York City dedicated to the 2,977 people killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks and the six people who died in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The museum’s unique combination of art, archaeology, and history provide an exciting interaction with the narrative of the bombings, their aftermath, and the people who lived through them.

The museum’s 110,000 square feet of space feature rotating exhibits. There are also two galleries with rotating and temporary exhibits at the museum. The South Tower Gallery, located inside the footprint of the South Tower, is devoted to painting and artwork exhibits.

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum uses a variety of exhibits, photographs, stories, and immersive media to share the narrative and history of 9/11. Every visitor can learn about the core exhibitions, and discover 911 special collections.

The museum’s Special Exhibitions, which cover a wide range of subjects related to the North Tower’s reminiscence footprint, focus on current issues that speak to the long-term effects of 9/11.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Address: 3000 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46208, United States

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a must-see attraction, especially for children, because it is the world’s spectacular, finest, and largest children’s museum. It is located at North Meridian Street in the United Northwest Area neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

The American Alliance of Museums has granted the museum accreditation for being an extraordinary museum for children.

The museum ranks as the 4th museum among the oldest institutions situated in the country. It was established in 1925 with the assistance of Indianapolis community leaders and institutions to Mary Stewart Carey.

The American Collection, the Cultural World Collection, and the Natural World Collection are the three realms that make up the museum’s compilation of over 120,000 objects and display pieces.

Thousands of programs, such as plays, art lessons, seminars for children, traveling exhibitions, and donation events, are held at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

The museum features a simulated and virtual dinosaur habitat, impressive playgrounds, and a variety of exhibits. Among the exhibits are a carousel, a fun train to ride, and a glass sculpture.

The museum’s main emphasis is on family education. The majority of the displays are immersive, encouraging children and their families to participate fully. Check out these other best places to visit in the Midwest.

Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

Address: 20900 Oakwood Blvd, Dearborn, MI 48124, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Looking for a spectacular destination to admire and appreciate in Dearborn, Michigan? The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation is a massive and vast museum with a mixture of an indoor museum and an exterior gallery establishment. It is also acknowledged as a National Historic Landmark in the lovely and charming city of Dearborn.

Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation is a great museum that presents various classical to modern arts. It also showcases exceptional talents and masterpieces across the world.

All of the museum’s exhibits encourage visitors to truly immerse themselves in the tales of America’s greatest minds and talents.

The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation of Michigan is known to be one of the world’s most comprehensive resources for researching, and collecting stories of American innovation. The museum offers a great experience of strolling and admiring kind artworks from different eras.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - Philadelphia Museum of Art

Address: 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a beautiful destination and blessed with spectacular sceneries but aside from it also accommodates the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which is a destination not to miss when visiting the town.

In 1876 this excellent museum was the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, and in the year 1928, the main building is built and acquired to become the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The museum is perched ideally on a hill within the Eakins Oval of Philadelphia, and its majestic exterior lures visitors to check out the artworks in houses.

It is a place for all ages and is open to the public. Each art presented in the museum’s gallery aspires visitors to learn and appreciate arts in different forms. Philadelphia Museum of Art’s goal is to unite the community through arts and various creative ways.

The museum’s campaigns and care for each outwork make the experience of the museum an extraordinary, cheerful, and unforgettable trip. The museum also campaigns and aspires to invite local and international art enthusiasts to discover art and see the world in it.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Address: 1001 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005, United States

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

In the vast and busy streets of Houston, Texas, lies an extraordinary museum that showcases outstanding arts with the name of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

It is one of the largest and most famous museums in the United States. The museum is filled with beautiful art in different forms, masterpieces from paintings, sculptures, etc.

The museum has a wonderful collection of more than 60 centuries of history and different eras.

The Museum of Fine Arts houses a comprehensive collection of nearly 70,000 works of art. All of the masterpieces are created throughout the world, from antiquity to the present.

Every visitor can enjoy a lovely stroll around the gallery and see an array of artworks. With a large number of artworks, it holds a trip to the museum is worth it.

Each art in the museum’s exhibits is clustered from which ear or year it was created that making the visit feels like walking back to the past.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - Minneapolis Institute of Art

Address: 2400 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Looking for a great spot in Minneapolis’s busy and lively streets is easy for the Minneapolis Institute of Art within the city and showcases wonderful arts.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art is an art museum perched in the charming town of Minneapolis in Minnesota. The museum is the home of almost a hundred thousand artworks of art showcasing 5,000 years of world history and modern and contemporary art.

Minneapolis Institute of Art (or MIA) is one of the largest and most wonderful art museums in the United States. Any tourist can experience a relaxing walk and an ideal tour through the museum and discover a diverse collection of exceptional artworks.

Inspirational wonder through the influence of art the Minneapolis Institute of Art invested in collecting, storing, and rendering available exceptional works of art from around the world,

The Minneapolis Institute of Art houses a significant selection of artworks, making a visit to the museum worthwhile. Each piece of art on display at the museum is grouped by year, making the tour a wonderful walk down memory lane.

The Getty

Best Museums in the US You Need to Visit - The Getty

Address: 1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049, United States

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Los Angeles is filled with beautiful destinations and excellent museums, and one of them is The Getty. It is a worthy spot to visit as it caters to a variety of artworks from various eras.

The museum is not just a museum that displays arts but also a lovely campus that offers multiple arts programs and supports emerging and well-known artists in town.

Every visitor of the Getty Museum can discover and learn each art background presented in the museum’s galleries. The Getty is a beautiful side trip after checking out other beautiful destinations in Los Angeles or stopping by for an afternoon delight strolling.

It is a spectacular destination to unwind, appreciate arts in all forms, and discover an array of remarkable and exceptional arts.

The museum distributes various wide-ranging intriguing masterpieces and presentations of artworks that fascinate every art enthusiast so as not to miss The Getty museum experience.



Travel Gear

10 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers

Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers

Planning to give your traveler friend a gift? Here are some of the best travel gifts that can make a perfect gift for someone who loves traveling.

As fun as it is, being a backpacker requires you to be on your feet all the time. From booking tours to finding hacked fares, a lot is going on.

If you know someone like this, why not make their trip more pleasant by giving them an appropriate gift.

Sure enough, you can choose an option from the best travel gifts for regular travelers, but some of the presents may be too inconvenient or inefficient for backpackers.

Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers

Since backpackers pack light, you must choose their gifts accordingly.


Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers

Thus, in this guide, I’ll help you find the most suitable gifts that backpackers can actually use and carry with them as they tour all around the world.

iMuto 20000mAh Portable Charger

Regardless of where you are in the world, your phone’s battery should never die out.

10 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers - iMuto 20000mAh Portable Charger

That’s even truer for backpackers who mostly rely on their phones for Google Maps and booking cheap rides.

A power bank is among the best gifts for frequent travelers, especially this iMuto compact option.

Besides being small enough to fit in the pocket, it’s also versatile to charge Android and iOS phones both. Moreover, it can charge a phone for up to eight times at max and six times at a minimum.

That’s pretty impressive for something that’s four times smaller than your iPhone 6 Plus.

Since it has two ports, two phones can be charged at once. Therefore, it’s a great gift for couples who love to travel as they can charge their phones together.

Digi-Power technology shows you the remaining power. So, you always know when you need to recharge the power bank.

Also, the Smart Protection System keeps your phones safe.

The power bank has A-Class lithium batteries that prevent over-charging and over-current provision.

When you buy this portable charger, you also get a micro USB cable and a waterproof pouch. More importantly, the manufacturers offer an 18-month warranty.

Who Is It For?

It’s a great gift for backpacking couples or people who travel long distances and always want to stay connected through social media.

DAITET Money Belt

A money belt makes one of the best travel gifts since it’s something that people need but hardly purchase themselves. The Daitet money belt boasts superior quality, owing to its waterproof exterior and a durable nylon build.

10 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers - DAITET Money Belt

On the inside, you’ll find two flexible pockets to keep everything from credit card and passport to hotel room keys and mobile phone.

Since the elastic belt is adjustable, it will fit any traveler. Therefore, you can buy it for a backpacker, even without knowing their size.

Besides being functional, it’s also quite fashionable. The brown finish makes the belt go nicely with any outfit, while the sleek design exudes class.

Two of the inner pockets have zippers. So, they’re great for keeping money, phone, or other important items. Owing to the mesh panel at the back, the wearer won’t get sweaty or itchy irrespective of the duration of wear.

Who Is It For?

The money belt is a suitable gift for every backpacker. Since it keeps all the essentials at arm’s length, it’s exactly what a traveler would need.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Being a backpacker involves a lot of traveling.

10 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers - Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Whether it’s by a train, car, or plane, noise is inevitable in every mode of transport. Therefore, noise-canceling earbuds make a great gift for a backpacker.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are available in stunning colors and feature a 12mm speaker for outstanding audio quality.

Additionally, they play everything in-studio sound.

Thanks to noise-canceling technology, the wearer can block out the ambient noise easily. The earbuds also have an ambient listening mode. You can simply tap the earbuds to activate it.

In this mode, the wearer can listen to surrounding noises, such as flight announcements and traffic, while listening to their favorite album.

Moreover, the Galaxy Buds have long-lasting battery life. Plus, the carrying case also acts as a charger for continuous playback.

The earbuds are compatible with Voice Assistance. Thus, you can tell your device’s respective digital assistant to find you the nearest coffee shop or restroom.

Who Is It For?

Every backpacker will find the Galaxy Buds useful. Since they’re available in three beautiful colors, you can choose the one according to their taste.

However, if these earbuds are out of your budget, you can look for pocket-friendly noise-canceling earbuds.

SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Personal Water Purifier

Backpacking across Europe is all fun and games until you realize that the water here tastes a bit weird. In that case, a hands-on water purifier is just what the traveler needs.

10 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers - SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Personal Water Purifier

SteriPen water purifier is one of the most thoughtful gifts for people who travel.

First, it’s small enough to fit in the pant’s pocket or side compartment of the backpack. Second, it can filter up to 8000 liters of water.

Steripen’s effectiveness is undoubted since the company is known for its quality products. The Adventurer Opti kills up to 99.9% of microorganisms in water, including viruses and protozoa.

Moreover, it does so without changing the taste or pH of water.

Since it comes with a belt loop, the backpackers can attach it to their travel belts or fanny packs. Plus, it can also be used as an LED flashlight – a blessing for people who don’t even rest at night.

Who Is It For?

The Steripen is a great gift for people who travel to remote areas or countries with poor water quality.

LiquiSnugs Silicone Travel Bottles

Backpackers often have to take their own toiletries while traveling since they stay in low-budget lodgings with little to no amenities.

The LinquiSnugs are leak-proof, silicone toiletry bottles that can be used to store shampoo, toothpaste, and conditioner.


10 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers - LiquiSnugs Silicone Travel Bottles

The company is quite confident about its travel bottles. That’s why they offer to give a full refund for unsatisfied customers.

The set contains three different sizes. So, travelers can put in anything they use regularly.

Also, the suction pads and labels are adjustable. Thus, you can differentiate between bottles, even if the colors are the same.

Most importantly, the travel bottles are made of BPA-free, food-grade material. So, you can even fill them with condiments or food items, depending on your preference.

Here’s the best part: the TSA has approved these silicone travel bottles.

Since they are less than 100ml, see-through, and weigh below 3.5 ounces, they meet the TSA’s requirements.

Who Is It For?

The silicone travel bottles are a suitable gift for solo travelers who plan to live in rest houses and hostels.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

The AeroPress coffee maker is a huge hit among coffee lovers worldwide.


10 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers - AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Since it uses the immersion brewing process, the AeroPress makes delicious coffee minus the bitterness. It can make up to three cups of coffee in a minute. Also, you can use it to prepare espresso coffee for making cappuccinos and lattes.

Being lightweight and compact, the AeroPress is a perfect gift for backpackers.

The package contains a scoop, funnel, stirrer, AeroPress, and a 250 microfilter. Every item is phthalate and BPA-free.

Who Is It For?

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is an excellent gift for an avid coffee drinker. Every time they drink a cuppa, they’ll think of you and thank you in their mind.

Ascent Water Bottle

Staying hydrated on the go is very important, especially if a lot of walking is involved in the trip.

10 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers - Ascent Water Bottle

The Ascent water bottle is a vacuum-insulated modern design that keeps beverages hot or cold for an extended duration.

It is made using an 18/8 stainless steel that is food-grade and has a durable finish. Since it has a narrow mouth, there’s a meager likelihood of spilling and sloshing as you drink.

On the inside, there’s an additional copper insulation layer to ensure that the cold water does not get hot even after hours.

Also, there are tons of color and design options, making it easy for you to pick a bottle as per the backpacker’s style.

Who Is It For?

The Ascent water bottle is an awesome gift for every backpacker. Also, it is a useful thing for everyday use.

Promptly Journals – Compact Travel Journal

While your phone usually keeps accounts of all the places you’ve visited, sometimes, it’s good to give traveling an old-school touch with a travel journal.

The Promptly Travel Journal has 88 pages to record your adventures.

10 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers - Promptly Journals – Compact Travel Journal

Plus, it has a World Map to mark the countries you’ve visited or want to travel to next.

Since it’s specifically designed for travelers, the journal has plenty of prompts. These include sections for writing entries, travel experiences, and placeholders to keep pictures.

Moreover, it features illustrations by Kelli Murray that will give your entries a travel-inspired vibe.

On the whole, the journal is a remarkable way to make memories. Also, you can use it as a photojournal by writing an entry related to every picture.

A travel journal isn’t merely for recording experiences during or after the journey. You can also use it to plan a trip. Thus, it’s a handy gift for backpackers who have to write every detail of their journey to be on schedule.

Who Is It For?

Admittedly, a journal is not among the most mainstream gifts for people who travel. However, if you know a backpacker who loves making written memories and is a bit of an old soul, this gift is ideal for them.

Easy Carry Polarized Mini Folding Sunglasses

Often, it’s hard for backpackers to take glasses along for two reasons. First, they take up extra room in the main compartment since most backpacks don’t have a separate pocket for them.

10 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers - Easy Carry Polarized Mini Folding Sunglasses

Second, they’re likely to break during the ups and downs of backpacking.

However, these folding sunglasses solve both these problems. Since they can be folded, they fit in your pocket too.

Also, they’re polarized and have a stylish vintage design that will look awesome in the pictures.

The lens width is 53mm, while the glasses also have a UV protection coating. Thus, they keep the Sun out of your way while you take on a new adventure.

Being polarized, the sunglasses are equipped to keep harmful light at bay. Thus, they’re suitable for outdoor activities and driving.

Who Is It For?

These mini folding sunglasses are an ideal gift for every backpacker. However, if the receiver likes chunkier or sleeker shades, you should look for another option.

Moment Wide Lens

Finally, but quite importantly, phone camera lenses are the best travel gifts for someone who loves posting regular travel updates on their social media.

10 Best Travel Gifts for Backpackers - Moment Wide Lens

While backpacking, it’s inconvenient to carry a DSLR since it’s heavy and takes space.

Instead, travelers can use lenses to improve the picture quality and zoom of their phones’ built-in cameras.

The Moment 18mm wide lens is compatible with Android and iPhone cameras. You can also use it with laptop webcams or tablets.

As the lens comes with a microfiber bag, the traveler wouldn’t have to worry about it getting dirty in the bag.

It’s suitable for taking landscape photos, group pictures, or capturing memorable moments on the go. The 18mm lens allows travelers to take crips and sharp photos without fisheye distortion.

Also, the lens does justice to travel videos, ensuring that everything is in focus.

Even better, you can connect it to the Moment Pro Camera App to get advanced manual controls.

Who Is It For?

The Moment phone lens is a fabulous travel gift for backpackers who love taking pictures. Also, regular travelers will enjoy it just as much as it lets them record memories in high quality.


Final Words

When you’re looking for the best gifts for frequent travelers, you must ensure two things.

Firstly, the gift must be compact or small enough to fit in a travel purse or a backpack. Secondly, it should be useful for the backpacker.

Otherwise, it’s just a waste of space and extra weight they have to carry.

In this guide, I’ve kept both these things in consideration to select the best travel gifts.

Whether your backpacker friend is into photography, journaling, or simply needs an essential item for travel, you’ll find a suitable present for them in this guide.


Travel Gear

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip

There is a handful of must-have travel gear for every trip: you need a suitcase, you need your passport, you need a toothbrush. Otherwise, it is all up to the individual. Depending on where the trip is taking you, a number of accessories will need to be added to your packing list in order to keep you and your stuff organized and ready for anything that comes your way.

It can be incredibly difficult to decide what to bring — we under and overpack all the time. With this in mind, we decided to make a list of the best travel accessories you can bring to ensure you get the most out of your adventures. We’ve broken them down into sections: gear for traveling to your destination, gear for exploring your destination, and luggage bits that aren’t a suitcase. There is some crossover and all of the products can be used at any time, but we think this breaks it down nicely.


Gear for Traveling to Your Destination

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip

Apple AirTag

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Apple AirTagBUY ON AMAZON

Keep an eye on all of your bags, or whatever you want to keep the location of, all from your phone. The built-in speaker chimes to help you find things when you get close and the Find My network helps find things that may have gotten lost a bit further away.

Sony WH-1000XM4

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Sony WH-1000XM4 BUY ON AMAZON

Crying babies, typing professionals, growling dogs. No matter which way you’re traveling, blocking out the noise is a must for maintaining sanity. Pair it with the next item on the list for in-flight movies and shows.

Twelve South AirFly

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Twelve South AirFly BUY ON AMAZON

You don’t want to keep a set of wired headphones on hand just for the plane ride. Use the Twelve South AirFly to connect your Bluetooth headphones to the headphone jack on the plane. This will make enjoying the in-flight entertainment much more enjoyable.

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow BUY ON AMAZON

A travel pillow makes all the difference when flying (or riding in a car). This one packs down so small you’ll forget it is there once you arrive.

Sleep Mask

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Sleep Mask BUY ON AMAZON

Between screens and overhead lights and the sun, it is hard to catch many peaceful z’s on an airplane.This sleep mask blocks out the light.

Etekcity Luggage Scale

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Etekcity Luggage Scale BUY ON AMAZON

Never show up to the airport with an overweight bag again. Keep a scale on hand to be sure everything is distributed as efficiently as possible.

Mingtong Travel Adaptor

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Mingtong Travel AdaptorBUY ON AMAZON

If you’re headed abroad, you will definitely find yourself searching for a way to power your gear. This adaptor will make it so that you don’t have to worry about mismatching plugs. It also protects against surges.

Smartwool Everyday Compression Targeted Cushion Socks

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Smartwool Everyday Compression Targeted Cushion SocksBUY ON AMAZON

Compression socks are great for keeping the blood flow going during long trips on a plane or in a car. Plus they double as dress socks once you arrive at your destination.

Sabah Beirut Black

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Smartwool Sabah Beirut Black BUY ON AMAZON

Don’t be the guy who holds up the airport security line untying your shoelaces. Get some slip-ons, like these Sabahs, that are easy on and off, dressed up or dressed down.

Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash BUY ON AMAZON

You carried hand sanitizer before the pandemic, so you should probably continue to do so. This is an elevated take on hand sanitizer that won’t break the bank — or your skin.


Gear for Exploring Your Destination

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip

Gerber Shard

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Gerber Shard BUY ON AMAZON

You don’t want your multi-tool getting confiscated at security. The Shard from Gerber has a handful of tools that you’ll use every day but is still travel-friendly because it lacks a blade.

Seiko Prospex King Turtle

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Seiko Prospex King Turtle BUY ON AMAZON

For travel, you need a watch that can do a lot more than just tell you the time. This Seiko ticks the boxes.

Raen Aren

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Raen Aren BUY ON AMAZON

When you’re out and about, you need to have some sunglasses to keep your precious eyeballs protected. Plus, they make you look cool, so why not pack a pair?

Camelbak MultiBev Water Bottle & Travel Cup

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Camelbak MultiBev Water Bottle & Travel Cup BUY ON AMAZON

Normally we love a simple mug, but when headed on a trip we love the versatility of the Camelbak MultiBev. This insulated bottle keeps drinks warm or cold and has a detachable cup for easy drinking.

Ricoh GR III Digital Camera

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Ricoh GR III Digital Camera BUY ON AMAZON

iPhones are great and all, but it is more fun to capture photos on a device that is actually made for it. This Ricoh is one of our picks for the best compact cameras you can get.

LARQ Bottle PureVis

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - LARQ Bottle PureVis BUY ON AMAZON

You want to be able to fill up at any tap and have confidence that you can safely drink the water. This bottle is a bit on the pricey side, but you can’t put a value on peace of mind.

Seager Wilson Snapback

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Seager Wilson Snapback BUY ON AMAZON

Seager’s adventure-ready gear is perfect for setting out, regardless of where you’re going. We love a sun hat or a bucket hat for an adventure, but this is more versatile and travel-ready.

BD Veritor at-Home COVID-19 Digital Test Kit

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - BD Veritor at-Home COVID-19 Digital Test Kit BUY ON AMAZON

Having a COVID-19 test kit (or two) on hand will help you travel with peace of mind and ensure you’re able to keep yourself and those around you safe. For now, keeping this close by is a wise choice.


Luggage To Get You Everywhere (That Isn’t a Suitcase)

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip

Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle BUY ON AMAZON

Don’t get stuck breaking TSA rules with big bottles of soap and lotion. These pack down infinitesimally small once you’ve used them up.

Travel Watch Case

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Travel Watch Case BUY ON AMAZON

You don’t wear your watch all the time, so you’ll need something to keep it protected when you take it off.

Sea to Summit Hanging Toiletry Bag

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Sea to Summit Hanging Toiletry Bag BUY ON AMAZON

A hanging toiletry bag makes for a nice complement to your usual dopp kit if you’re packing extra or want to keep things separated. Plus, it’ll double as a shower caddy.

Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Dry Waterproof Day Pack

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Dry Waterproof Day Pack BUY ON AMAZON

Whether you keep it handy for souvenirs that you pick up or use it as your daily pack out of the hotel, a packable backpack will come in handy in a number of ways. Plus, this one’s waterproof.

Peak Design Packing Cube

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Peak Design Packing Cube BUY ON AMAZON

Stylish and functional, the Peak Design packing cubes are our pick for the best packing cubes you can buy. Stay organized.

Topo Designs Dopp Kit

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Topo Designs Dopp Kit BUY ON AMAZON

If you don’t need a big leather dopp kit, this one from Topo Designs fits the bill. It is big enough for your things, can take a beating and will

Filson Rugged Twill Duffle Bag

The Best Travel Gear and Accessories for Any Trip - Filson Rugged Twill Duffle Bag BUY ON AMAZON

Once your suitcase is full, you’ll need a bag to keep your travel accessories close, plus, it is a great option for packing for side adventures.


Travel Gear

The Best Sun-Protective Clothing for Travel

Reapplying layers and layers of sunscreen will only get you so far. The best way to stay safe in the sun? Wear sun-protective clothing. Made out of special UV-blocking fabrics, these pieces will prevent sun damage much more effectively than regular clothing. (A regular white cotton t-shirt offers a shockingly low UPF rating of around 5).

Clothing uses a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) scale to measure the amount of sun protection provided—similar to how sunscreen is rated by SPF. The UPF scale goes up to 50+. A UPF rating of 25, for example, means that the fabric will only allow around 4 percent of UV radiation to penetrate through.

We’ve rounded up our favorite stylish sun protective clothing for travel that will keep you cool and safe no matter how hot it gets. 

Coolibar Café Ruche Pants

The Best Sun-Protective Clothing for Travel - Coolibar Café Ruche Pants

Coolibar, a leader in sun protective clothing, was the first clothing company to receive The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. Coolibar continues to make stylish and practical clothing that blocks 90 percent of UVA/UVB rays, so you can stay outside and stay safe. 

Coolibar’s trademarked ZnO fabric is a favorite from the brand. It offers UPF 50+ sun protection, but is incredibly soft, lightweight, and cool. Try it out in the versatile Cafe Ruche Pants—the stylish ruched design means you can wear these on the trail, on the plane, or even to the office—all while being protected and comfortable. 

Shop on Amazon

Toad & Co Sunkissed Maxi Dress

The Best Sun-Protective Clothing for Travel - Toad & Co Sunkissed Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is great for sun protection, and Toad & Co’s Sunkissed Maxi Dress offers UPF 40+. The lightweight dress feels like air, so you can be covered up without overheating. You won’t be too covered though—there’s a cheeky on-trend cutout at the back of the dress. 

Shop on Amazon

Orvis Jackson Quick Dry Pants

The Best Sun-Protective Clothing for Travel - Orvis Jackson Quick Dry Pants

Can’t decide between a cropped leg or full length pant? Have both with Orvis’ Jackson Quick Dry Pants. The pants can be rolled up and secured with a built-in tab so you can wear them as a 32” inseam or a 23” inseam. 

The pants offer UPF 50 protection, and were designed for fishing—so they’ll dry in a flash to keep you comfortable no matter what the day brings. 

Shop on Amazon

Kuhl Freeflex Dash

The Best Sun-Protective Clothing for Travel - Kuhl Freeflex Dash

Made from a flexible fabric, Kuhl’s Freeflex Dash pants are stretchy without looking like leggings. In addition to freedom of movement, the Freeflex Dash offers UPF 50+ sun protection, a soft waistband, and pockets that are actually big enough to fit your cell phone.

Use the ankle cinch to change the look of the pants from straight leg to jogger style, or to keep your pants out of the way when biking. 

Shop on Amazon

Kaenon Venice Polarized Sunglasses

The Best Sun-Protective Clothing for Travel - Kaenon Venice Polarized Sunglasses

Protect your eyes (and your wallet) with a pair of sunglasses from luxury eyewear brand Kaenon’s new Essentials line. This budget-friendly line starts at just $100, but features the quality that Kaenon is known for. Essentials sunglasses are handcrafted in Japan, and use the same lightweight, polarized, and ultra-clear SR-91 lenses that the regular line does. 

Our pick from the Essentials: the Venice Polarized Sunglasses, which are durable, stylish, and work for any activity. 

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Mountain Hardwear Chockstone Pant

The Best Sun-Protective Clothing for Travel - Mountain Hardwear Chockstone Pant

If you’ve ever been caught off-guard on a sunny fall hike and ended up with a burn, you know the deal—you need sun protection even in chilly weather. Mountain Hardwear’s Chockstone Pants provide both warmth and UPF 50 protection, along with plenty of pockets (two hand pockets plus a secure zip pocket in back).

The pants are available in both a women’s specific and men’s specific fit, with options for short, regular, and long inseams—so you can get the perfect fit. 

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Houdini Wadi Pants

The Best Sun-Protective Clothing for Travel - Houdini Wadi Pants

Long pants are a necessity on some hikes. You need protection from not only the sun, but also insects and rough terrain. However, finding a pair that won’t make you sweat even harder on a hot hike is a challenge. Fortunately, Houdini’s Wadi Pants rise to the occasion. 

Made from an ultra-lightweight Liquid Rock fabric, these pants will remain dry and breathable no matter how hot it gets. Use the adjustable leg endings to make the pants shorter as needed for water crossings or style. 

The pants pack down into their own side pocket for easy packing. 

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Orvis Long-Sleeved Tech Chambray Shirt

The Best Sun-Protective Clothing for Travel - Orvis Long-Sleeved Tech Chambray Shirt

Orvis’ Long-Sleeved Tech Chambray Shirt is made out of MarinoWul+, an eco-friendly fabric that’s composed of recycled plastic and reclaimed oyster shells. You’d never guess where it comes from, since the fabric feels softer than silk. In addition to UPF 40 sun protection, the shirt is equipped with Orvis’ trademarked OutSmart Fresh odor control, so you can wear this your entire trip without needing to wash it. 

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10 Incredible National Park Glamping Locations

10 Incredible National Park Glamping Locations

The concept of glamping isn’t new to U.S. travelers, whose appetite for “glamorous camping” has only increased within the last decade. But what started as a handful of luxury canvas tent sites has expanded in both number and variety of glampsites nationwide, allowing outdoor enthusiasts greater access to natural lands without the outdoor know-how and gear required for camping. Instead of worrying about packing all the right gear and setting up a shelter, travelers can save their energy to hike, swim and experience adventure. 

With more visitors than ever heading to America’s national parks, glamping is a popular way to experience them. Here are 10 of the best glampsites located near some of these treasured public lands.


Cowboy Up Near the Grand Canyon

Cowboy Up Near the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Western Ranch

A secluded cattle ranch located in Meadview, Arizona, just 10 miles from the rim of the Grand Canyon and two hours from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon Western Ranch offers 10 rustic cabins, five glamping tents and plenty of Old West adventure. Enjoy 20-minute helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon, featuring views of the Joshua Tree Forest, Hualapai Reservation and Skywalk, the horseshoe-shaped glass walkway stretching over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Take a horse-drawn wagon ride along The Old Mormon Trail (or a sunset tour!). Or saddle up a horse for an authentic overnight campout with a real-life cowboy.


Stay in a Conestoga Wagon by Capitol Reef

Stay in a Conestoga Wagon by Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef Resort

Set against a backdrop of the Red Rock Cliffs, the Capitol Reef Resort in Torrey, Utah, features year-round options like 98 guestrooms and suites with traditional amenities, plus 22 standalone cabins (that sleep up to six) with verandahs and Adirondack chairs for soaking up stunning views. From June through September, Western-style lodging includes luxury Conestoga wagons with a king-size bed and two twin bunk beds, air conditioning, and a separate, private bathroom. Nine teepees feature air conditioning, a king-size bed, a television, a sitting area, and a separate, private bathroom. Located roughly 1 mile from the Capitol Reef entrance and 8 miles from the Visitor Center, the resort also includes community fire pits, an on-site restaurant, a 24-hour fitness center, a year-round outdoor hot tub, and a seasonal pool. Visitors can also schedule jeep excursions, horseback rides, and llama hikes.


Book an Airstream around Yosemite

Book an Airstream around Yosemite

AutoCamp Yosemite

Opt for a stay in Midpines, California, about 40 minutes from the national park’s Western gates, in one of AutoCamp Yosemite’s 80 Airstream trailers outfitted with a full bathroom, bedroom, kitchenette, and outdoor space. Or stay in a custom canvas tent with access to bathrooms in the clubhouse. (Both options accommodate one to three adults, or two adults and two children.) 

Or, get the best of both worlds with a premium basecamp suite, featuring an Airstream and canvas tent or a premium basecamp mini-suite that combines an Airstream with a kids’ tent. All accommodations are equipped with everything from towels and linens to basic cookware, and a fire pit with a grill. The property also features a freshwater pond and seasonal pool; complimentary mountain bikes for on-property use; community fire pits and lounge areas; and daily shuttles to Yosemite National Park, as well as a General Store selling breakfast items, BBQ kits, beer, wine, and more. Book activities like horseback rides, a ride on the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad, or a skydive over Yosemite Valley.


Try a Family Tent near Yellowstone

Try a Family Tent near Yellowstone

Situated near Henry Lake, Idaho, just 15 minutes outside West Yellowstone, Montana, Wander Camp’s 48 canvas tents feature a variety of configurations, from a King Tent to a Family Tent (one king-size and one twin bed). Each tent is furnished with linens, including down comforters and 1,000-thread-count sheets, side tables, lounge chairs, fans, lanterns, and USB outlets. Communal bathrooms offer flush toilets and showers. Check out tours like guided safaris, horseback rides, fishing, and whitewater rafting.


Stay in a Mobile Cabin Near Glacier

Stay in a Mobile Cabin Near Glacier

ROAM Beyond

Offering camping comfort less than 30 minutes from the gorgeous landscapes of Glacier National Park, stay in one of 24 tiny cabins on wheels at ROAM Beyond in Columbia Falls , Montana. Amenities include down comforters and pillows; dual electric heaters and fans; kitchenettes with basic cookware; and private bathrooms with hot showers. Guests can gather in communal cooking and dining spaces, and enjoy the property’s swimming pond, shaded cooking and dining areas, fire pits, evening bonfires, and more. Activities include mountain biking, scenic hiking, or taking a vintage Red Bus tour through the national park.


Experience Nature in America’s Newest National Park

Experience Nature in America’s Newest National Park

Adventures on the Gorge

Head to Southern West Virginia’s Adventures on the Gorge to glamp near the country’s newest national park, the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve. The whitewater rafting resort in Lansing, W.V., offers more than 100 cabins, from one- to four-bedroom options, as well as tent/RV campsites. New in 2021, four glamping offer access to a new, centrally-located bathhouse with individual bathroom/shower stalls. Each tent provides two queen beds, a dining table with four chairs, a small refrigerator and coffee maker, air conditioning, electrical outlets, lighting, and a private fire pit with picnic table. On-site adventures include whitewater rafting trips, an aerial park, two different ziplines, mountain biking, and more.


Glamp Minutes from Acadia National Park

Glamp Minutes from Acadia National Park


Set just minutes from the Acadia National Park entrance, Terramor Outdoor Resort in Bar Harbor, Maine (open mid-May through mid-October), offers five different styles of custom-designed tents, providing maximum comfort with minimal environmental impact. Private bathrooms are available in tents except for the five-person Alder tents, which feature access to a bathhouse. All styles include electricity, an overhead fan, cozy blankets, and screened-in porches. Heaters are available for chilly evenings. The lodge features a complimentary grab-and-go breakfast and to-go sandwiches; dinner includes food and cocktails at on-site counter Kitchen 207 (counter-service only). Activities include on-property yoga, paddle-board adventures, and more.


Aim for Adventure Around Great Smoky Mountains

Aim for Adventure Around Great Smoky Mountains

Little Arrow Outdoor Resort

Located in Townsend, Tenn., on the Little River less than a mile from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s entrance, the Little Arrow Outdoor Resortoffers a variety of lodging, from RV sites to cabins, glamping tents, and tiny homes. Opt for full conveniences like cable TV, and a kitchen and bathroom in one of nine cabins or try one of three tiny homes complete with two queen-size bedrooms, each with its own separate full bathrooms, plus a luxurious full kitchen, spacious deck, and a fire pit with a grill grate. Stay in one of four glamping tents, offering a bathroom, heat and air conditioning, wood floors, and an economy kitchen. There’s even a luxurious Airstream complete with a queen bed, linens, cable TV, bathroom, dining area, and kitchen with kitchenware, as well as an outdoor patio complete with a fire pit and cooking grate. In addition to river access, property amenities include a swimming pool, on-site store, coffee lounge, and a clubhouse. Enjoy on-property live music, yoga, and visits from REO Cheesewagon, a gourmet-grilled-cheese food truck.


Glamp Near the Great Sand Dunes

Glamp Near the Great Sand Dunes

Rustic Rook Resort

Set in Mosca, Colorado, about 19 miles west of the Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve Visitor Center, the Rustic Rook Resort features glamping in furnished canvas tents perched on wooden decks. Fully-furnished tent styles include the Homestead, with a choice of a king-size bed, two full-size beds or three single ones with use of community bathrooms; or Estate, with a king bed or two double beds, private in-tent bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet. Some include roosts, a single-pole 10-by-10-foot tent with a fabric floor, which includes two cots, a nightstand, and lanterns, perfect for adventurous kids. The property also offers board and sled rentals, hot breakfast, on-site dining, nightly community fires, yard games, a kids’ sandbox, a dog park, night-sky viewing programs, and more.


Rent an RV Stay around Crater Lake

Rent an RV Stay around Crater Lake

Umpqua’s Last Resort


Travel Gear


Trust us, they fit everything you need.

Trust us, they fit everything you need.

Since “travel” can mean different things to different people, there is no one true “best travel backpack” above all others. A sojourn spelunking demands very different features than spending the weekend with the family, and there is no catch-all carry-on for all occasions. The questions to ask are less about the travel bag and more about the traveler: How do you like to travel? Where do you go? How do you get there? It’s about finding the right bag not for every place in the world but for every place you plan to go. Consider these factors when looking for your next travel bag:

Duration: How long do you plan to travel for? Will you need just enough space to weather a weekend, or will the contents of this bag have to hold you over through a week, a month, or more? A simple single-zipper bag can store your phone charger and enough toiletries to last a few days, but consider something with more space and storage options for intense travel times.
Durability: What’s the weather like where you may be going? What are the conditions? A car ride across state lines may not necessitate a bag that can take a beating, but your old high school book bag won’t survive the rough terrain of outdoor camping. Durability is about more than just the material: Keep an eye out for errant straps that can get snagged on branches and factors like strap width or weight distribution that may not work well with your body type or mode of carrying. After all, the last thing you want to do is cause injury.
Dimensions: How do you travel? If you have a car or van, sure — you can toss any bag in the trunk and barely give it a thought. But when you find yourself at an airport staring at that slender rectangle that determines whether you’re paying for a second checked bag? You’re going to wish you took better measurements. Knowing how much time this bag will spend stuffed under seats or overhead compartments should be weighed against how much room you’ll need for all your stuff to determine its ideal dimensions.
“Do you have room for this?”: Which is really a way of saying, do you travel alone or with a group? Maybe your sparse and Spartan solo travels mean you often leave with less than you’ve brought, but anyone who’s ever taken a family trip knows any empty spots in a bag can quickly fill up with souvenirs and other accouterments — most of which may not even be yours. Consider the cases when you’ll be carrying for more than just yourself, especially if there are little ones like babies or pets around who can’t quite carry bags of their own.
We’ve researched more than 30 different travel backpacks and even tested out some ourselves to help narrow down the choices for you. These are the best that will make traveling a breeze from start to finish.

Key Specs

Dimensions: 11.81 x 16.54 x 7.09 inches
Capacity: 20 liters
Materials: Nylon
Zomake makes a really affordable, lightweight travel backpack that comes with a lot of features. It’s water- and tear-resistant, has a front zippered pocket and mesh pouches on each side, and it comes in 13 different colors. It even folds into itself and zips up into a little pouch.

“These backpacks are the BEST ever,” one frequent traveler noted. “It is now 2022, and we have carried them on three cruises, Disney World, camping, and mountains. We use them to put an extra outfit, snacks, wallets, extra shoes, etc., and they are lightweight and comfortable on the back. They pack into themself and fold up so they are nice for suitcases because they will pack away tiny and fit in them easily.”

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9 inches
  • Capacity: 40 liters
  • Materials: Nylon

This front-loading travel backpack from Osprey will fit in all the clothes you’d ever need for a weekend away. It has an organizer compartment for all your smaller items and even a lockable laptop compartment. The Farpoint 40 backpack also comes with a ventilated back panel, along with a harness and hip belt on the side to reduce chafing.

“Used this backpack for over a month while backpacking Europe, and it was well worth the price,” one traveler said in their review. “The pack was durable, and the front-loading capabilities proved vital when having to grab a specific item out. There is definitely some wear after using it heavily, but structurally it looks like it has a ton of miles left.”

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 17.7 x 11.8 x 4.3 inches
  • Capacity: 20 liters
  • Materials: Nylon

Our tech has become part of our lives, and despite what some dystopian sci-fi movies might tell us, that’s not inherently bad. Maybe you want peace of mind, knowing that you can be reached in an emergency. Maybe you’re traveling abroad where translation apps and GPS can be literal lifesavers. Or maybe you just want to have more entertainment options than the nine channels on the hotel TV.

Whatever the case, you’ll want a bag that’s not only designed with your tech in mind but one that can keep those valuable electronics safe. This backpack features a dual-layer, anti-puncture, lockable zipper to protect your laptops, tablets, and other devices.

Better still, the built-in USB port allows you to attach a portable charger inside the backpack and plug your charging cable into the external USB. This lets you charge your phone or other devices without ever having to open your bag.

“I ordered this bag because I wanted something with a sleek profile that held all my tech and was comfy to wear,” one tech-y traveler shared. “I don’t like big, bulky bags either, and I prefer to carry as little as possible when traveling. This was perfect for me! The bag is water-resistant and protected my things in a rain storm.”

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9 inches
  • Capacity: 54 liters
  • Materials: Polyester

eBags has somewhat of a cult following, and once you get one, there’ll be no surprise why. For a more affordable price than other top products in the space, the Mother Lode Weekender has all you could ever want from a travel backpack. It has a 19-inch laptop sleeve, two exterior pockets for easy access, a water bottle pocket on the side, and four compression straps that ensure the bag will fit inside an overhead bin, no matter how much you stuff in it.

And if blue isn’t for you, the bag also comes in a slew of other colors.

“This bag is amazing! My boyfriend and I got these bags for our two-week trip to Europe,” noted one half of a traveling couple in their review. “It was clearly designed by someone who often travels with the different pockets and easy accessibility. We loved how easy it was to carry all over, and it fit all of the storage on planes, trains, buses, etc. We were so happy to have such a durable, comfortable bag on such a long trip.”

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 13.25 x 9 inches
  • Capacity: 30.7 liters
  • Materials: Polyester

Walk around any airport, and you’ll see a slew of SwissGear backpacks. They’re durable, water-resistant, TSA-friendly, and have multiple compartments to store all your gear. It’s the most classic pick on our list.

“Great construction backpack. I love having the TSA laptop zipper so I can just unzip and fold it in half, not making me take out my laptop,” one reviewer shared, singling out the bag’s durability as well. “My last one lasted me about 8 years. Totally worth the investment!”

Travel Gear

5 Travel Essentials For Your Long-Awaited Fall Getaway!

After missing over a year of spontaneous travel and relaxing vacations, we can all use a quick pack to review so we don’t forget those travel essentials on our next vacation. Because throughout the fall of 2022 when we have places to go, people to see, and adventures waiting for us, who has the time to waste time planning our must-have lists? Hmm…no one.

Whether you’re keeping a low profile on a day trip, a long flight with the family, or a road trip with close friends, whatever your vacation plans, you’ll need the right clothing, luggage, accessories, and tech gadgets. After all, nothing saves time like being prepared, and we can probably all agree that we’d rather take a risk than stop at the nearest convenience store to pick up the essentials we’ve left behind.

Read on for the ultimate list of travel essentials you don’t want to forget to pack.

A travel backpack is one of the easiest ways to keep everything you need at hand (purse, wallet, phone, keys, technology, passport, you name it) safe in one place. This backpack is not only perfectly compartmentalized to hold your laptop and other belongings, but it also opens from the top, giving the feel of a tote without having to carry it on one shoulder.

The best part? It even has a built-in USB port so you can recharge your devices while traveling (charging cord not included).

Traveling often comes with unpredictabilities, and sometimes that may mean motion sickness, gas, headaches, you name it. For this reason, having medicine on hand is part of Packing 101. These travel pill boxes are perfect for making sure you pack all the basic necessities — plus they’re adorable!

No matter your destination, these best-selling, disposable KN95 masks are a travel essential. They’re filtered yet breathable, and the black makes them a touch more elevated than standard surgical masks. Keep them germ-free on the go with a mask storage case.

There are so many travel pillows out there, but few of them are soft and cozy enough that you’d want to use them in your actual bed. This one comes with a compressible carry bag, making it easy to take on the go, and is just as easy to clean after you’ve used it a few times.

it’s absolutely something worth investing in if you have difficulty getting some rest while on the road.

Perhaps not the most essential item for every vacay, but if you’re not interested in paying for lodging on your next road trip, this portable air mattress might be your new BFF. Since it fits most SUV car models, it’s perfect for camping, cross-country driving, and more. P.S. It even comes with inflatable pillows!

Travel Gear

You’ve seen your favourite professional athletes wearing GPS vests in training and games, but have you ever wondered why they wear them?

You’ve seen your favourite professional athletes wearing GPS vests in training and games, but have you ever wondered why they wear them?

“Why is Mbappe wearing a sports bra during training?”

“Why are all of these football players wearing black sports bras under their jerseys?

“What is the sports bra that Ja’Marr Chase was wearing against the Patriots today?”

We see this question all the time on social media. So why do football players wear “sports bras”? Are they sports bras, or are the football players actually wearing vests?

The simple answer is: Yes, football players wear vests during training and games to track and measure their performance on the field. They are wearing a GPS vest that just happens to look like a sports bra. The vest is designed to hold a pod between the shoulder blades that contains a 10Hz GPS, an accelerometer and a magnetometer. These GPS devices are able to capture over 1250 data points per second to measure how much and how hard the players are working, and players and coaches are able to analyze data such as total distance, top speed, number of sprints, sprint distance, power, load, intensity, and more.

Those core metrics are displayed in an app for athletes, sport scientists, physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, and anyone else related to the sport to help inform if their team is training optimally for performance on game day, at potential risk of injury or returning from injury safely.

But why is it held in a vest that looks like a sports bra instead of on the wrist or the waist?

The vest holds the pod in the optimal position for tracking so it can reach the GPS satellites. This makes sure the data is as accurate and reliable as possible.
It’s proven to be the safest place to put it for physical sports such as soccer, rugby, basketball and football.Apex Athlete Series, the revolutionary GPS tracker for a player with ambition. Understand your stats to improve your game and avoid injuries.

This is the most powerful Soccer GPS tracker in the world. The FIFA/World Rugby approved GPS tracker is a 1-to-1 solution that allows individual users track their own data through the phone app.

The GPS Tracker is worn within your Apex Performance Vest. It can be used in both matches and training sessions.

Users have the ability to get pro-style stats sent directly to their mobile phones, both during the session and post session too.

The Apex Athlete Series is the only tracker on the market with 16 key metrics.

Just one of the reasons why its soccer’s most powerful performance tracker. Understand your stats to boost your game and take your performance to the next level. Measure your Total Distance, Max Speed, Sprint, Heatmaps & more with the FIFA Approved GPS Performance Tracker.

Travel Gear

How to be an expert in travel product knowledge

How to be an expert in travel product knowledge

Travel accessories are becoming more sophisticated with every passing day thanks to the incorporation of technology. Yet there are still some classic essentials such as neck pillows, eye masks and toiletries that remain as analog as ever. Of course, that doesn’t mean they aren’t given the innovative treatment. Neck pillows in particular have been reimagined over the years in the hopes of creating a more comfortable cushioned rest for the user.

That said, some of the more exciting travel accessories involve luggage in particular. Bags have been redesigned to accommodate a range of tech devices. Other similar travel accessories have been embedded with sensors to help people avoid losing their luggage — which is a common occurrence, unfortunately. By embracing technology, brands and designers have found ways to make the journey itself more enjoyable and stress-free.

Our travel guides are designed to provide you with the best and latest information on the world’s major travel essentials.

When you want more luggage space but don’t want to go too big, the Samsonite Omni PC Hardside is the perfect midsize case. An ideal companion to our award-winning Carry-On, which nests inside for easy storage.


Outfitted with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, ultra-sturdy telescopic handle, TSA-approved lock, whisper-quiet wheels, vegan leather details, and all-premium materials. Any of our Carry-On sizes can nest inside for easy storage when you’re not travelling.

ergonomic handle with the release button cleverly hidden underneath.

The integrated TSA-approved lock and aerospace-grade polycarbonate shell keep your belongings secure and protected, while the colour-coordinated gaskets and reverse coil YKK zippers ensure your Monos luggage is always smartly dressed, with places to go.

A zipped panel on one half of the suitcase keeps your shoes and other items tucked away, while ballistic nylon compression straps and a cover panel with pockets keep your clothing compact on the other half. And generously sized, thoughtfully placed pockets maximize every inch of storage, meaning you can get more out of every trip.

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